The ultimate beginners guide

a learning path for rules and process automation
Eric D. Schabell
Portfolio Architect Director

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Goals for this guide

There are so many ways and so much content out there to get you started with open source rules and process automation tooling by Red Hat, so where do you start? The goal of this guide is to provide you with a learning path through this content as a way to get started from download, to installation, to quick starts, to hands-on workshops, and all the way to using this technology for your cloud-native development projects.

You'll walk away from this guide with a learning path mapped out through content that's enjoyable to work with and can help you get started on your rules and process automation projects today.

Beginners guide learning path

There is a way to start from the beginning and walk a path to rules and process automation proficiency, outlined as follows:

  1. Choosing the rules or process automation path
  2. Obtain the tooling (downloads)
  3. Quick start projects (installs, cloud native, demos)
  4. Free hands-on workshops
  5. Published content collections
  6. Video collections

1. Choosing rules or process automation

Decisions or rules in a business can become more complex than you want to hard code into your application. Using a decision management platform allows you to externalize your business decisions from your applications and their development lifecycle.

Processes or process automation captures your business activities (rules, tasks, events, services) in a consistent, measurable, and reusable fashion. Process automation tooling enables you to design, implement, integrate, deploy, manage, and gain insights into your organizations processes.

2. Obtaining the tooling

All provided content links you to the Red Hat Developer products page, After registration you're given access to these products in a $0 developer subscription, meaning you can explore your development projects without paying for their use. The featured products are:

Available on the same download sites, just scroll down for older versions:

3. Quick start projects

The following are projects the projects available for getting you started as quickly as possible. These all are automated installations with completely functioning projects for you to explore. There are two collections available:

  1. JBoss Demo Central (projects for rules, process automation, and more)
  2. Red Hat Demo Central (cloud native projects covering rules and process automation on OpenShift)

JBoss Demo Central collection

Red Hat Demo Central collection

4. Free hands-on workshops

There are a multitude of workshops online for getting started with decision management, process automation, or any of the older versions of the tooling:

Older versions:

Workshop collection

5. Published content collections

There has been so much published around the decision management and process automation (both the current and past versions) that I'll provide an overview here followed by some examples:

Older versions:

Published BPM Suite book

Effective Business Process Management with JBoss BPM
JBoss BPM helps you solve real-world business challenges by helping you improve operational efficiency. In this book, author and Red Hatter Eric D. Schabell walks you through how to install, set up, and use JBoss BPM to capture organizational processes and create repeatable, measurable, and consistent business goal execution.

[ Download book | Explore book demo content ]

6. Video collections

There are several places to find the video content for learning about decisions and process automation (or older versions of these tools):

1. YouTube channel
2. Vimeo channel
Older versions:
1. BRMS channel
2. BPM Suite channel

YouTube channel collection

Vimeo channel collection

The End

For questions just reach out, thanks for your time and feedback is welcome!
Eric D. Schabell
Portfolio Architect Director