Approval rewards process problem?

The process has been running for awhile but we notice that when our task is created, it is assigned to the manager role. This group can then claim the task and work on it hopefully completing it in a timely fashion. One problem that has come up is that when a task is claimed and the manager then becomes sick (or does not come to work for some other reason), the task then sits unattended for as long as that manager is out of her office.

The fix for rewards process problem?

To fix this issue, we can setup our Approve Reward task to auto-reassign a claimed task if not completed within a time we specify. The reassignment would be to put it back into the Manager group for another manager to claim and complete.

Auto Task Assignment - Open rewards process

From the Asset View, open the rewards-approval process:

Auto Task Assignment - Open approve reward properties

Select (click) Approve Reward user task and slide out Properties panel:

Auto Task Assignment - Access reassignment fields

In Properties panel expand section Implementation/Exectuion and click Reassignments field to open editor:

Auto Task Assignment - Add reassignment entry

Click on Add button for a new entry and fill in all fields as shown:
  • Users: erics
  • Groups: add a new group called manager
  • Type: Not Completed
  • Period: 2 minutes
  • Finish by clicking on OK

Saving your work

  • Be sure to regularly SAVE your work, located left top of designer
  • You can (and should!) comment your work, so click on that link
  • Add a comment and click on Save button
  • After saving, should see a green bar showing save succeeded

Auto Task Assignment - Test auto task reassignment

Now it is time to test reassignment of a claimed task back into the group after 2 minutes:
  • Return to Asset View and deploy the rewards project
  • If project built before, you get second pop-up asking if you want to OVERRIDE
  • Click on OVERRIDE to rebuild same artifact
  • Watch for the green popup bar stating that the build was successful

Auto Task Assignment - Navigate to process definitions

Let's take a look at the process definition deployment by selecting via top Menu -> Manage -> Process Definitions:

Auto Task Assignment - Open process definition

This opens the Manage view pane where you'll see our Rewards definition. Later you can use the drop-down menu at the top to jump between different views. We're going to open the Rewards definition by clicking on it:

Auto Task Assignment - Start a process instance

This view offers choice of definition details or image of the process. Clicking on the button: New Process Instance starts a new process instance:

Auto Task Assignment - Fill in start process form

You're presented with your previously created start process form in a pop-up. Add some valid input data and click on SUBMIT:

Auto Task Assignment - Examining process instance details

A new screen displays the process id and other instance details. Now note the Current Activities and select the Diagram tab for a visual status view of process (note your process id probably is different):

Auto Task Assignment - Examining process instance details

Note the process instance is waiting at the user task, let's open our task inbox to view it:

Auto Task Assignment - Open user task inbox

Open task inbox from Menu -> Track -> Task inbox:

Auto Task Assignment - Claim your user task

Click on Approve Reward task to open. Note that it's waiting for first status of a user task, so click on CLAIM to take ownership:

Auto Task Assignment - Wait for task reassignment

The task now belongs to user ERICS who is part of the MANAGER group, which means that the task is no longer listed in the group. Now we wait 2 minutes and then click on refresh button (top right). The task you owned is not in your list, but back into the Group for someone else to claim:

Lab completed - What's next?

(coming soon... next up, more task updates needed so we add automated email notifications for tasks taking too long...)
Eric D. Schabell
Portfolio Architect Director
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