Rewards process task form design

We have completed the configuration of our process we need to design our user forms, two forms are needed:

  1. Form to start a rewards process
  2. Form for user to complete the Approve Reward task

Approve Reward Task - generate task form

We can generate a simple user task form using the designer mini-icon:
  • Open the rewards process, select the Approve Reward task
  • Click on Generate Task Form icon on left
  • A pop-up in the top right confirms form generation

Approve Reward Task - view generate form

Verify what was generated by returning to Assets view:
  • Open the task form by clicking on Approve_Reward-taskform
  • No edits needed, just view with Form Modeler

Start Form - designing the form

Now let's design a form for starting our process, the form that's going to ask for user input, without using the auto-generation feature:
  • Click on rewards breadcrumb menu at top to open Asset view
  • We can start our process and a form will be generated with all process data displayed
  • Let's design a custom start process form, so click on Add Asset:

Start Form - new form asset

Select the Form asset to open the Form Modeler:

Start Form - add basic form details

Fill in pop-up Create new Form using drop-down menus. Leave Form field blank, it's autofilled by the following:
  • Select Process: rewards-approval
  • Select Form: Start Process Form
  • Submit with +OK button at bottom

Start Form - welcome to form modeler

The Form Modeler opens with blank canvas:
  • Expand the Form Controls menu in left Components menu

Start Form - add a headline

Drag and drop the HTML component to the form canvas and in the pop-up editor add H3 + Bold text and click on OK:
  • Submit Employee Reward:

Start Form - add data object to form

Let's add our Employee object to the form by clicking on Model Fields to expand the available data objects:

Start Form - drag and drop Employee

Drag and drop the employee item to bottom of HTML text box and fill in pop-up Field properties, submit with +OK:

Start Form - form now finished

The final start process form is now ready:

Saving your work

  • Be sure to regularly SAVE your work, located left top of form modeler
  • You can (and should!) comment your work, so click on that link
  • Add a comment and click on Save button
  • After saving, should see a green bar showing save succeeded

Returning to Asset view

Finally, we return to Asset view by clicking on rewards project in bread crumb menu at top. (Returning to Asset view can be done at any time).

Build rewards project

Click on BUILD button, if all goes well see green success bar:

Lab completed - Results

Eric D. Schabell
Portfolio Architect Director
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