Process form design

We have completed the configuration of our process we need to design our user forms. There are two forms we need:
  • form to start a devops testing process
  • form for user to complete the Peer Review task

Generate task form

We generate a simple user task form using the designer mini-icon. After opening the process, select Peer Review task:
  • click on Generate Task Form icon on left
  • a pop-up in the top right confirms form generation

View generated task form

Verify by returning to Assets view:
  • open the task form by clicking on peer-review-taskform
  • no edits needed, just view with Form Modeler

Process start - design a custom form

Click on devops-testing breadcrumb menu at top to open Asset view. Starting a new process instance generates a generic start process form with all data from our model included. Let's design a custom start process form instead of using the default:
  • click on Add Asset
  • Select the Form asset to open the Form Modeler

Start form - select from assets

Fill in pop-up Create new Form using drop-down menus. Leave Form field (leave blank, it's autofilled by the following actions):
  • Select Process: devops-testing-process
  • Select Form: Start Process Form
  • click button +OK to submit

Start form - form modeler

The Form Modeler opens with blank canvas. Expand the Form Controls menu in left Components menu:

Start form - add form title

Drag and drop the HTML component to the form canvas and adjust as follows:
  • add text Submit your testing job:
  • modify format to H3 + Bold text
  • click on OK

Start form - select a job object

Let's add our Job object to the form by clicking on Model Fields to expand the available data objects:

Start form - add the job object

Drag and drop the Job item to bottom of HTML text box:
  • fill in pop-up Field properties (nested form and required)
  • submit with +OK

Start form - finalized start form

The order of fields is predetermined, we'll just leave that for now. This completes the start process form:

Save the form

  • Click on SAVE menu item located left top of form modeler
  • Add a comment and click on Save button
  • After saving, should see a pop-up showing save succeeded

Back to the asset view

Click on devops-testing project (use bread crumb menu at the top) and view the domain model assets:

Ensuring the project builds

Click on BUILD button, if all goes well:

Verify clean alerts pane

Examine the Alerts pane at the bottom to verify that the project has no errors:

Lab completed - results

Already in the asset view so this ends lab 7:
Eric D. Schabell
Portfolio Architect Director
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