DevOps testing data model

For our DevOps Testing process we saw that a job needs to be submitted, so that's where we start in designing our simple data model. We'll need a Job object with properties:

  • developers organizational ID (unique)
  • name of the developer submitting the job
  • project name for the i being submitted
  • number of lines of i being submitted
  • i review completed on the submitted job

Open the projects view

Open MENU at the top and select:

Open the devops project

Select the DEVOPS-TESTING project:

Adding a new asset

Open new assets view:
  • click on ADD ASSET button

Add new data object

Select new data object from list:
  • click on DATA OBJECT

Job data object - create object

Create Job by filling out pop-up as shown and click on OK button:

Job data object - add label

Add label Job to general properties and click SAVE and again on confirm pop-up SAVE:

Job data object - add field

Add the first property 'developerId' to job object by clicking on ADD FIELD button to open pop-up editor:

Job data object - add developer id

Fill out fields for developerId property as shown by clicking on CREATE button to add field to object:

Job data object - so far...

Job object should look like the following:

Job data object - complete the object

Now add the fields as shown using ADD FIELD button:

Save your work

  • Be sure to SAVE your work by clicking button top right
  • Optionally add a comment and click SAVE button

Job data object - results job object

Finished Job object for our data model as shown by adding remaining properties:

Browsing your data objects

  • Another way to work with the data objects; open the side menu
  • Click on the left most arrow '>' to expand the side menu
  • Click on DATA OBJECTS to view, note the lock indicates working on JOB data object:

The final devops data model

Our final data model is one object, just the JOB object:

Lab completed - results...

Click on devops-testing project (use bread crumb menu at the top) and view the domain model assets, this ends lab 3:
Eric D. Schabell
Portfolio Architect Director
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