Install Red Hat Process Automation Manager

Start by downloading the project:
Note: if workshop being delivered on site at an event, you'll be give the above installation by the instructor, so instead of downloading, just jump to the project directory and proceed to the this step (click on link)

Prepare product downloads

Place all product downloads into the installs directory:

  • $ cp rhpam-install-demo-master/installs/
  • $ cp rhpam-install-demo-master/installs/
  • $ cp rhpam-install-demo-master/installs/
  • $ cp rhpam-install-demo-master/installs/

Running installation script

From directory rhpam-install-demo-master run install:

  • $ ./

Upon install completion start Process Automation Manager:

  • $ ./target/jboss-eap-7.3/bin/

Standalone configuration details

Running in standalone mode so we've set properties to lock in the location of the internal git repository. Settings are found in standalone.xml:
  • $ cat rhpam-install-demo-master/support/standalone.xml
  • <property name="org.uberfire.nio.git.dir" value="${jboss.home.dir}/bin"/>

All projects stored in GIT repository at .niogit/* found here:
  • ./target/jboss-eap-7.3/bin/.niogit/

Users added to installation

User configuration was automated during installation:
  • target/jboss-eap-7.3/bin/ -a -r ApplicationRealm -u erics -p redhatpam1! -ro analyst,admin,manager,user,kie-server,kiemgmt,rest-all --silent
  • target/jboss-eap-7.3/bin/ -a -r ApplicationRealm -u kieserver -p kieserver1! -ro kie-server --silent
  • target/jboss-eap-7.3/bin/ -a -r ApplicationRealm -u caseuser -p redhatpam1! -ro user --silent
  • target/jboss-eap-7.3/bin/ -a -r ApplicationRealm -u casemanager -p redhatpam1! -ro user,manager --silent
  • target/jboss-eap-7.3/bin/ -a -r ApplicationRealm -u casesupplier -p redhatpam1! -ro user,supplier --silent

User roles configuration details

Users configuration generated in to the file application-users.properites and

They can be found here:
  • ./target/jboss-eap-7.3/standalone/configuration/application-{users|roles}.properties

Available user roles

There are 7 user roles:
  • admin - full access to product
  • analyst - developer access, except assets & deployments
  • manager - most restrictive, only view reports
  • user - only manage processes, tasks, view reports
  • kie-server - access to kie-servers
  • kiemgmt - for management of kie-servers
  • rest-all - access to rest api

Workshop user for all roles

The user and password for all roles in this workshop:
  • u: erics
  • p: redhatpam1!

Logging in to Business Central

Access to Process Automation Manager is through the business central console:

  • user: erics
  • password: redhatpam1!

Lab completed - Results

Eric D. Schabell
Portfolio Architect Director
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