Lab 06 - Create Technical Rules (DRL)

Lab Goal

To create a technical rule (DRL) to total up the shopping cart items for online retail web shop

Technical rules

  • Are generally not created in this web UI:
    • Developer teams author technical rules
    • Then uploaded to the repository
    • Appear here in a free form editor
    • No syntax help in editor (caution...)
    • Business users advised to stick with guided rule editors
    • For completeness we create one technical rule here...

Create new technical rule

  • Now let's create a new technical rule
  • To add a technical rule, first have to return to Asset view
  • Click on retail-webshop project in bread crumb menu at top

Create new technical rule

  • Click on ADD ASSET -> DRL FILE to open pop-up and create 'Total Shopping Cart Items' rule as shown:
  • Click on +OK to create rule

Create technical rule

  • Presented with the free text editor for our rule (DRL)
  • Add package line shown here to provide all domain model objects

Create technical rule

  • Add basic rule outline, noting indentation:
    • rule "Total Shopping Cart Items"
    • ruleflow-group "pricing-rules"
    • no-loop true, when, then, end

Create technical rule

  • Now lets look at the condition (WHEN) of this rule:
    • There is a ShoppingCart assigned variable: $sc
    • There is a ShoppingCartItem assigned variable: $sci
    • The ShoppingCartItem is in the shopping cart: $sci
  • Can use Fact Types in right column, just remove package names

Create technical rule

  • The rule applies four actions (THEN) if fired:
    • Modify value of shopping cart cartItemTotal
    • $sc.setCartItemTotal( $sc.getCartItemTotal() + ($sci.getPrice() * $sci.getQuantity()));
    • Modify value of cartItemPromoSavings
    • $sc.setCartItemPromoSavings($sc.getCartItemPromoSavings() + ($sci.getPromoSavings() * $sci.getQuantity()));
    • update ShoppingCart: update( $sc );
    • retract ShoppingCartItem: retract( $sci );

Create technical rule

  • This is the finished technical rule:

Don't forget to save

  • Click SAVE and again on confirm pop-up SAVE:

Lab Completed

What you should see...

  • Click on retail-web shop project (use bread crumb menu at the top) for assets view, this ends lab 6:
Eric D. Schabell
Global Technology Evangelist and Portfolio Architect Director
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