Lab 2 - Create a new project

Lab Goal

To Create a new project in Red Hat Decision Manager

Help / Fast Forward

  • In case you get stuck we provide completed git repo with all assets
  • From main menu, select:
    • MENU (top) -> DESIGN: Projects
    • Import Project
  • In pop-up window, provide following:
    • Repository URL:
    • Click on button: Import
    • Select rewards project and click on OK to complete import

Help / Fast Forward

Post import view

If you imported the project you're fast forwarding, just jump to the Lab Completed Slide.

Decision Central Layout

  • Layout of tooling in 2 groups by functionality:
  • Design and Deploy functionality are available with Red Hat Decision Manager

Select Design Tooling

  • Hover over Design to highlight it and click on tool:

My Space

Projects, Contributors, Metrics

  • You've entered Spaces, initial MySpace is empty
  • There are 4 tabs: Projects, Contributors, Metrics, and Settings



  • Projects tab's selected by default, let's add you as contributor
  • Select the Contributors tab to open


Overview tab

  • You see a single admin user listed, we need to add you
  • Click the far right Add Contributor button:


Adding erics as contributor

  • Type erics in the open field, leave as Owner and click OK
  • Now users admin and erics listed:


Empty for now...

  • Click on tab Metrics to view empty tables and graphs
  • Later this fills up after you work on projects, so check back later


Empty for now...

  • Click on tab Settings to view empty section
  • For each project you will find future settings here...


Viewing project options

  • Click on tab Projects getting back to main tab
  • Click on the down arrow next to Add Project to show option for case management project (DO NOT SELECT):


Let's create a new project

  • Click on Add Project, which generates pop-up:


Advanced options new project

  • Click on Show Advanced Options, we'll need these:


Create retail web shop

  • Fill in the project details as shown and click on Add:


View generated alerts

  • At the bottom (expand pane if needed) see the Alerts
  • This lists the actions taken as you work with the tooling, like a log:


Notice navigation options

  • Note generated structure at top, called breadcrumbs, for navigation (MySpace -> retail-webshop -> master branch):


Back to MySpace view

  • Click on MySpace breadcrumb to view the project view now
  • This is the project listing with just one project you created:

Lab Completed

What you should see...

Eric D. Schabell
Portfolio Architect Director
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